Neighbourhood Plan update – March 2017

On Tuesday 7th March Doveridge Neighbourhood Plan, along with the Consultation Document and the Basic Conditions Statement were submitted to Derbyshire Dales District Council.

We are awaiting a timetable from the Council for the next steps which include a six week consultation, scrutiny by an examiner and finally a referendum. At that stage the residents of the Parish of Doveridge will be able to vote and say if they support the adoption of the Plan.

The formulation of a Neighbourhood Plan is a very detailed task and has to be completed according to rules laid down by the government. On the way it has to receive ongoing scrutiny from DDDCouncil, has to be in convergence with their Local Plan and must have been consulted on by the residents within the Parish. The small team of volunteers has worked tirelessly for almost two years to achieve the completion of the three documents necessary for it to go to examination.

Visit our Neighbourhood Plan page and click on “Latest Draft” to view the documents.