The Examiner has now passed our Neighbourhood Plan with agreed modifications. The Plan will now go forward to Referendum when the DDDC have completed the amendments. At Referendum the whole village will be invited to vote. We need at least 50% of those who vote to agree to adopt the Plan and it then becomes a statutory document intended to map the future of the village until 2033.

It has taken the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group over two years’ work to get to this stage and also involved the whole village in Questionnaires, Housing Needs Surveys etc. We will be at the forefront of towns and villages in DDDC to have an adopted Plan.



Tender Contract: Grounds Person and Handyman

Doveridge Parish Council invite you to tender for the Grounds Person and Handyman Contract which is up for renewal on the 1st April 2018.

If you are interested please contact Rachel Male, Clerk to the Councillors on 07976 230669 or email


Doveridge Neighbourhood Plan passed for examination 25th January 2018

The Doveridge Neighbourhood Plan was passed unanimously at the Derbyshire Dales District Council meeting on Thursday 25th January 2018.

The Plan will now formally go to the Examiner, Mr Matheson, with the Council’s recommendations. After Examination Mr Matheson will suggest any modifications he recommends being made and the Plan will be amended accordingly. The Examiner has already sent some interim enquiries to the Neighbourhood Plan Group and their responses are now with Mr Matheson.

After any modifications judged to be necessary have been made to the Plan, DDDC will then take it to Referendum in Doveridge. People will be invited to vote whether or not to adopt the Plan. If successful the Neighbourhood Plan will set out clearly the direction for the Parish until 2033.

Doveridge Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 2nd January 2018

The Monthly Meeting of Doveridge Parish Council is to be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 in the Village Hall Kitchen, Doveridge.

The meeting agenda and draft minutes of the previous meeting are available to view: Doveridge Parish Council agenda 02jan18

Adoption of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan

The Parish Council has received the following correspondence from Mike Hase, Planning Policy Manager at Derbyshire Dales District Council:

“I am writing to inform you that the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan was formally adopted by Derbyshire Dales District Council on the 7th December 2017.

All of the relevant documents including the Local Plan, adoption statements, sustainability appraisal report and the Inspector’s Report are available at Further details are set out in the Adoption Statement.

Following an independent examination of the Local Plan in May 2017, the Inspector’s Report was published on 13 November 2017 and concluded that the Local Plan is sound and legally compliant subject to the inclusion of the Inspector’s main modifications as appended to his Report. These modifications were duly made prior to adoption of the Local Plan.

As you may well be aware the adoption of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan concludes the statutory preparation process. However, the District Council will continue to monitor the implementation of the Local Plan before embarking on a review of the Local Plan in the future.

The District Council would like to maintain your details on its Local Plan consultation database to enable it to consult you in the future on the Local Plan and other planning related documents. If you would like to be removed from the Local Plan consultation database please contact us. If you would like to remain on the consultation database but would prefer to receive information by email please contact us by emailing;”

Temporay Footpath Closure – October 2017

Derbyshire County Council have advised that there will be a temporary closure as follows:

  • WHEN: 13th October 2017 to 2nd November 2017.
  • WHERE: Suspension bridge over River Dove at Doveridge.
  • REASON: Public safety due to defects on the bridge.
  • ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: None designated.

The full notice is available to view – TC2673

Doveridge update – September 2017

Firstly, there is the good news that the applications by Gladmans to build on a site in Babbs Lane, and which were refused by DDDC, went to appeal in June. Both application appeals were dismissed by the Inspector. Gladmans do have until 25th September to re appeal but this can only be a legitimate concern with regards to the process, and it is felt that this would be unlikely.

Secondly, work will be commencing on the site at Hall Drive on 25th September, and a letter is to be delivered to all residents located closest to the site. The times of working will be 8a.m. until 17.00p.m. Monday to Friday. Any concerns, queries, whilst this initial phase takes place please contact the site manager at the site office.

Thirdly, all residents should be aware of a Consultation request for Hazardous Substances Consent on Land East or Twin Oaks Farm, Yelt Lane, Doveridge, under reference : 17/00858/HAZ. The Parish Council will be objecting but would urge all residents to voice their opinions by logging onto DDDC planning, under the above reference and sending in their own opinions to DDDC.

Doveridge update – April 2017

Due to a commercial decision made by Midland Classic bus company, buses will no longer be following a route through the village.

New Bus stops are situated at the top of Bell Lane, Bakers Lane and Sand Lane.

The Parish Council are speaking with the County Council and planning an on site meeting to discuss Bus Shelters and will let you have any information once they know anything further.

Neighbourhood Plan update – March 2017

On Tuesday 7th March Doveridge Neighbourhood Plan, along with the Consultation Document and the Basic Conditions Statement were submitted to Derbyshire Dales District Council.

We are awaiting a timetable from the Council for the next steps which include a six week consultation, scrutiny by an examiner and finally a referendum. At that stage the residents of the Parish of Doveridge will be able to vote and say if they support the adoption of the Plan.

The formulation of a Neighbourhood Plan is a very detailed task and has to be completed according to rules laid down by the government. On the way it has to receive ongoing scrutiny from DDDCouncil, has to be in convergence with their Local Plan and must have been consulted on by the residents within the Parish. The small team of volunteers has worked tirelessly for almost two years to achieve the completion of the three documents necessary for it to go to examination.

Visit our Neighbourhood Plan page and click on “Latest Draft” to view the documents.

New village web pages for Doveridge

Previous Doveridge welcome page
Previous Doveridge welcome page
Did you know that the previous Doveridge web pages (see image shown) were first published over ten years ago in March 2006?

Since that time there have been major changes in the way that people use the web, with mobile phones and tablets now supplanting computers as the principal choice for viewing pages.

In view of this, Doveridge Parish Council recently commissioned a revitalisation of the village pages to adapt them for mobile viewing and to refresh some of the out-of-date style and contents.

The draft of the new pages was demonstrated to the Parish Council at their meeting on Tuesday 13th December 2016, and it was agreed that these new pages be published.

Within the information section of the pages, there are details for many local businesses, organisations and services. Perhaps you could check that any you are connected with are accurately represented and use the feedback form to let us know of any errors or omissions?

Some of the changes

Apart from updating the appearance, other changes to the pages include:

  • Making navigation around the site easier by providing the “Quicklinks” and breadcrumb trail at the top of the pages
  • Replacing the static map of Doveridge with a Google map that can be zoomed and provide satellite and “Streetview” images
  • Enabling easy access to the planning applications on Derbyshire Dales District Council web site
  • Providing a framework that will enable the Parish Council to publish more documents that meet the requirements of the Transparency Code